Inaccurate colors bug

Hello guys. After the implementation of figma design my dev returned to me with this bug – colors seems a bit desaturated somehow. I’ve checked it in illustrator screen in attachment (both spaces are RGB). Also have checked Figma app and browser ver – same situation both. How can I maintain this situation in future? Illustrator shows colors exactly as I see it in Chrome after implementation in css.


Hey. Noob here. I’m having the same issue. Did OP ever find a fix for this? Or does anyone know how to fix this inaccuracy? Thanks.

You may want to try changing the color space in the Figma app to sRGB like so:

Is there any difference in color space between an app and browser-based ver?

There’s no option to change the colorspace in Figma in the browser. I’m using Safari, looks like sRGB values there. Switching to sRGB in the app makes it consistent between the app and browser for me.