Improvements in image editing - Visual effects and presets

Hi there,
I’m here to share an idea about the image editing widget within the Figma app. We have the feature to upload bitmap images in a frame/shape and the capability to apply some VFX on the image like tint, shadows, saturation, and more. But the issue is that,

  1. When I apply the effects I should know how much effect I applied in numbers. like 1. saturation 51% or tint 70% in positive and nigative values.

  2. There should be some presets of vfx that could be applied to image just in few clicks. same as this feature works in adobe photoshop (its too hactic to open image in PS and apply presets and then improt the image in figma).

  3. It would be great if we designers have a “reset” button to revert image to original form in a single click and remove all the vfx settings that i applied on image.

It would be great if Figma considers these points to improve image editing UX.

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