Import Miro Boards to FigJam

We are currently using Miro and would like to switch to FigJam.
The only blocker: importing around 100 Boards by hand is not an option.
Would be cool to be able to export Miro Boards and import them into FigJam.

Probably with the “Download board backup” functionality of Miro it might be possible (so FigJam would need to support .rtb files).

If this functionality is introduced we will switch in an instance!


We would really appreciate it if importing Miro Boards to FigJam is available before you start charing us in FigJam next Feb. Thanks~

Vanessa here from the Figma product team - we’re investigating a Miro import solution and would love to learn a little more about how you would use an imported Miro file. Can you describe the most common scenario(s) where you’d need to import something over from Miro and then use it? Any specific requirements (like editing the Miro file, organizing it in a project folder, etc) would be super helpful to understand as well! Thanks for your help!


Hi @Vanessa_Van_Schyndel ,
thanks for looking into this feature. I cannot urge enough how important this is for us.

The most important thing would be to be able to continue editing the miro file in figjam.
The use case would be the following:

  • switching entirely from miro to figjam (needing to transfer every miro file to figjam)

That means, that all cards, shapes + their connections (arrows) + the layout (most important) would need to be transferred into editable figjam items.
For us transferring the comments from miro would be nice to have but not a must-have.

Really important on the other hand would be that the cards from miro are converted into shapes in figjam and not sticky notes (as they are not so flexible) + that all text inside those cards is transferred and that hyperlinks are transferred as well.

For now, transferring integrations (like Jira cards etc) is prob. out of scope for an MVP but in future, it would be quite nice too.

Hope this helps. If you have more questions regarding this feature I would love to help.


+1 we’d love this as well!

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+1 Team Vote!

We’re also exploring switching over from Miro and upgrading our organizational account with Figma. We would need a non-destructive migration capability to import Miro boards into Figjam while maintaining editability. This doesn’t necessarily mean we need a 1:1 import, potentially a conversion to native Figjam objects that pivot from Miro to Figjam but keeps layouts, connections, content, etc the same. The gap in feature parity will likely make this difficult. if you’d like to discuss then I’d be happy to.


+1 - looking to maintain editability while importing Miro boards! Critical for our team to make this switch more seamless. Understood there isn’t 1:1 feature parity (e.g. FigJam importing a Miro “Card”), but at a minimum looking for sticky notes / shapes / frames / flow connections. Ability to copy/paste from a Miro file to a FigJam file would be helpful as well.


+1 but for Mural!

The number one reason we can’t switch to Figma is that we have evergreen Miro boards we like to go back to and change, company-wide.

So yeah, I’d love to see a migration tool that covers:

  • Stickies
  • Shapes
  • Headings / copy
  • Reactions or stickers
  • Images
  • Comments (use email addresses to map to same authors??)
  • Lines and their connections and end connectors / shapes
  • Groupings
  • Embeds
  • Custom shapes → PNGs??
  • SVGs
  • Hyperlinks

I’d also really like to see frames in FigJam as we have in Figma and Miro, as this helps to link people to the right area of larger pieces.

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It would be perfect to fully switch to FigJam if you guys manage to find a solution.
Keeping this issue alive

Thanks for all the feedback!

While this doesn’t completely solve the issue, there are new plugins in our community that may help by importing public Miro Board screenshots into FigJam. Check it out here:


Thanks for the shoutout @dvaliao. To other readers - I’ve just released a new version of this plugin which will do a full import of a Miro board as requested. Right now it doesn’t support every Miro board item (more details on the plugin description) but I’d love for people to try it out and I can quickly add fixes (and credits) if it doesn’t cover your use case.

Here’s the link again:

Edit: anyone who tried it and has issues logging in to Miro - that should be fixed now!


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