Ideal design system distribution process

Hello, do you know about some resources (articles, videos, presentations, trainings) mapping ideal process for design system distribution to the end-users running on Figma?

If it is recommended to update a single UI kit file and publish its library with every planned release or to distribute a new UI kit file with new library (In that condition users would relink their designs to the new library as Figma probably uses unique ID with every document even if it has same name). --I believe every solution comes with pros and cons.

The resources should elaborate about what process is safer for the end-users to prevent in expected design changes in their product design and how to deal with them if they happen.

I can imagine a situation (but it might be irrelevant for Figma, I experienced it with Sketch for Teams - Cloud service). – I designed a mobile app based on the linked library. I overlooked that some components changed their structure and it led to data entry loss from forms which were contextual to the design. This information was gone forever because I found it out after several weeks of designing new design content.

My goal is to set a process which would be as much as non-error prone, and users would feel safe about updating to the new library versions as much as possible.


I’m sharing this for others what I have found so far, consider it as a small piece of puzzle. :smiley:

Howdy Jiri! There are a few articles from @Nathan_Curtis you may be interested in:


Thanks @AlicePackard I’ll go through it.

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