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I have font weight issue on Big-sur

  1. This issue occurs only in mac os Big-sur.(In the same situation, Catalina has no problem.)
  2. It does not recognize a particular font-weight of the local font.
    (Video attached)
  3. There is no problem with the web font provided by figma.
  4. I installed the latest font from Git-Hub.
  5. I contacted Apple but couldn’t solve it.
  6. This problem occurred three months ago, and I inquired, but I still haven’t received an answer.
  7. Identified in at least 4 Macs that the same problem.

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For technical issues please reach out to Figma support team via or the support request form. Also I’d recommend explaining the issue in more detail because from your explanation and video and the screenshot I don’t understand what exactly is wrong.

I’ve been asking the help center since 3 months ago, but I haven’t received any response. Is there a problem with my question?

‘font-weight’ of local fonts should look " light : 300, regular : 400, medium : 500 ",
but it looks “light : 400, regular : 400, medium : 400”.

Sometimes support request can get lost due to the large amount of requests. I’d recommend you to create a new ticket.

Now I understand better. This is a known issue. There is no fix. But it shouldn’t really affect anything other than incorrectly displayed values in the Inspect panel.

I can’t understand. Does that mean developers should recognize font weights by looking at them with eyes instead of numerical values? Of course, this is not a problem when designing. However, it becomes very cumbersome for developers to work on it. They can’t distinguish font weights with their eyes.

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I know, yes, this is a problem for developers, that’s why it’s a common practice to create UI kits/reference sheets for developers and styles for texts so they know which style corresponds to which weight.

So, You mean this problem won’t be fixed? Of course, there is a way to replace it. But I want to solve the problem, not a temporary one. This kind of temporary arrangement causes mistakes.

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Only Figma team can know if it will be fixed. That’s why you need to reach out to support. As a developer myself, I find this problem quite annoying too and I talked to support about it several months ago.

Oh, I thought you were a member of the Figma team. Thank you for your reply. I’ll keep asking.

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