How to use a UI Kit?

Hi friends! I’m totally new to Figma. I bought a UI Kit.

What the proper way of working with a UI Kit?

Copying components between the UI Kit and my project and the UI Kit?

Working right in the UI Kit and creating a huge mess inside of it?

How do you do it?

And last but not least what the best way to familiarize myself with everything that’s inside the UI Kit?


Hi Thomas, if you’re on a professional plan I would try publishing the UI kit as a library, which would mean that you could find its components and use them in any of your other design files. If you’re on the free plan, I would probably copy elements out of the kit and into your files, to keep the kit clean and organized. To familiarize yourself with the kit you’ll have to explore it on your own! Unless the creator has provided instructions of some kind.


How do I publish on professional plan?

Where can I read up on best practices on keeping those things organised?

You can try this link from the Figma support materials to get started with libraries: