How to set selection for a page

My plugin UI currently displays a bunch of layers & instances. When I select a layer in my UI, I want to zoom in to the page and highlight the layer with selection controls like so:

Before: I’m currently at Web Mobile page and I select “Wedding Bands” which is in Web Mobile

After: I’ve navigated to Web Mobile page, and I’m selecting the “Wedding Bands” layer in Figma

I’m able to jump to my target by setting Figma.currentPage, but I can’t figure out how to set the selection via code. I tried reassigning the current page selection with a new SceneNode like so:

but that doesn’t seem to work. Which is confusing because the documentation seems to say that reassigning is the way to go:

In that case, how do I set a page’s selection to my input selection of nodes?

figma.currentPage.selection = [ yourInstanceNode ]

I was looking through my code again and realised that I actually forgot to pass node ids to code.ts, and assigning an array of nodes actually worked fine! Sorry for the false alarm :sweat:

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