How to remove shared user view ability?

I did share one of my Figma projects with a freelancer until he completed his part of the project. After that, I removed his share from that project, but I was surprised that that freelancer still has view access to my project even when I am not sharing with him anymore…this is a big problem right now for me. I can not find a way to end sharing, and I can not move forward with my project while I know someone not wanted has access ability to it. Please, what should I do to end the sharing??

Maybe this will help you

nope that is not working; I tried to remove the share 100 times until now each time I do so my app says he will be get removed, and then I don’t see him anymore in the share list, and when that freelancer refreshes his page he re-enters my project and appears again in that file-sharing list, I even ask him if he can see the change that I do and he answers yes…that is a privacy catastrophe

found it it is a misleading written in figma when anyone with the link is selected any invite for a user by email will invite him as if you invite with the link so you can’t remove him until you change anyone with the link to only people invited to this file…please figma you have to be more clear about sharing option this could lead to steal work without notice of the user if he fall in the same trick that happened to me