How to remove/delete ghost components from "Used in this file"?


I’m working on a huge file in which I find components in the “Used in this file” tab that are actually no used in this file :sweat_smile:

As you can see here, the component Header/statusbar + navbar occurs only 1 time in my file, and yet, even if I delete it, it stays in the Used in this file tab.

Is there any plugin or tips to remove those ghost component and maybe replace them?

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And as you can see here, there is 0 instance of the component Header/status…, but it remains in the Used in this file tab.

The Used in this file section only shows if there’s a library enabled for this file, and you are using an instance of a component in that library.

It also seems like you are searching for this component in your Assets section. What you want to do is search for it in the Layers section by hitting ⌘ cmd+F and making sure you select All pages ⌄ from the dropdown menu under the search bar. Hopefully you will find all the instances there and be able to delete them.