How to keep things equally spaced out when resizing with Auto Layout?

I looked through this form and I have seen lots of people having issues with Auto Layout so I’m not sure if there is a solution to this.

I have a box with 3 objects in it equally spaced out using Auto Layout.

This screenshot lays out the issue that I am having does anyone else know another way to achieve this goal with Auto Layout?


By changing “Space between items” do you enter a numeric value or “auto” (in advanced layout settings it’s “Spacing mode › Space between”)?
“Auto” is what you need.

This can also be achieved like this: wrap the center part in a frame and set the “Fill container” horizontally, and then change the constraints on the objects inside that frame.

I didn’t know there was an Auto!!! I have been researching this for hours how does no one mention this :sob: :sob:

Thank you so much

It was enough to open additional layout settings or read the Help Center article.

What if you wanted to keep the vertical alignment? I have a series of elements that have unequal horizontal spacing as well as an uneven vertical alignment. Using auto-alignment snaps the elements into alignment. Any way around this?
I realize this scenario is somewhat unusual, so I’m not expecting that it can be done easily. I don’t miss XD but it was good at this type of thing.

Hi there,

I don’t think there is but I’m checking with our internal team. I willl get back to you if there is anything I can share with you.