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How to keep scrolling going while overlay is still displayed?

I have a feed view with vertical scrolling. One of the cards has a hover effect - displaying overlay (orange). My problem is that when the overlay is displayed the scrolling stops. To continue scrolling i need to move the mouse out, to hide the overlay and then I can continue.

I have tried playing with overlay settings but sounds like there is nothing Figma can do here to allow scrolling the main form while overlay is still displayed? The only way is to create a full copy of the whole page with that overlay present on it and preserve scrolling position while switching to it?



Yep, it’s not possible at the moment. But you will soon be able to use Interactive Components instead of overlays so it will be possible. :slight_smile:


Okay for those who is looking for similar issues:

You can fix that by changing frame size of overlay to 1x1px (or just small) and disabling Clip content - then mouse hover will not count over the overlay, unless u hit that tiny 1x1 square, and content will still be displayed.


Wow interesting workaround!