How to export image without rotation

The exported image will be rotated if it rotates in Canvas. How can I export it without rotation? I want to rotate it with rotation CSS style.

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out to the community! As a workaround, you can try these options:

  1. Check the rotation of the image within the editor/canvas to make sure it’s at 0 degrees orientation.

  2. You may be experiencing cached smaller versions of the images that are improperly rotated. To fix this, you can click on the “rotate image” button in the image panel to fix the thumbnail.
    Capture d’écran 2024-01-16 à 12.40.39

If this doesn’t help, I’d suggest you ‌to reach out directly to the support team with a quick video recording and a copy of your file so we can better visualize your issue here:

I also have the same issue.