How to expand selection / add connected points to selection?

How can I select an entire path in Figma when using box select isn’t possible?

I.E. - A shape/object has multiple independent overlapping shapes/objects. I want to select one of them to separate into it’s own shape. At the moment - I have to either manually click each point AND line on said object while holding shift. The lack of a proper lasso selection tool makes this much more cumbersome.

My Figma workflow has taken a huge hit from this for years- so I’m finally taking the time to figure it out but my searches haven’t turned up anything useful. I would love to know what I’m missing here!

To recreate this scenario:

  1. Duplicate any complex shape.
  2. Slightly offset the position of the duplicate.
  3. Flatten the two shapes.
  4. Separate them again

Step 4 takes me WAY more time than is reasonable with my current knowledge.

Thanks in advance, and I apologize if I’ve been missing something simple and/or obvious!

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Do you have an example? It sounds like it might be a process issue.

Try duplicating the flattened vector as a separate layer (as many times as needed), then arrange and offset them all, then when you have them all selected you can Unionize or Flatten (whichever one works better).

Sometimes flattening a bunch of complex layers means you have to touch up overlapping lines and adding new intersection points.