How to create content for interactive preview in Figjam?

The support page for link previews in Figjam states:

Figma will create an interactive preview if embeds are supported by the resource’s site. Otherwise, Figma will create a static preview.

… but specific requirements for how to ensure a URL is treated as an interactive preview are not included. From some investigation it appears that it is related to OEmbed and OpenGraph tagging on the page which is being added as a preview, but are there specific requirements anywhere so I can ensure compatibility with interactive previews?


Hey @Perry_Trinier - so sorry for the delay with this (I was checking in on this internally). At the moment, I don’t have a list with specific requirements that would be helpful for you, but our product team did acknowledge that it would be useful to have detailed info available widely.

While I can’t set a timeline for anything, I made sure that our engineering team reviewed this topic, and there is some exploration on how to improve this going on.

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