How to create a "Dynamic Image Generator" in Figma?

I have designed some social media post templates in Figma. I want my collogues to not touch the design, just fill in a form with “title” / “description” / “image link” and the figma app automatically takes their input places them to my designs and generates a custom image.

Is it possible? Is there any plugin/ script for that?

Thanks everyone!


Hello Minas-Marios,

this can be achieved with DynaPictures. You need to create a design template first and then let your colleagues generate custom images via a form like this one. It’s also possible to import data from a spreadsheet or via a No-Code platforms like Zapier.

In your case it would be ideal, when you can import your Figma designs directly into DynaPictures. We will look into this - I’m the co-founder of DynaPictures. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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Hey Alex, i’ve been used image generation apis in the past, like bearbanner and abyssale, the best one i found to be

However as we have multiple designs in figma, it d be a great waste of time exporting each design and then importing to your platform and reconfuguring it.

I need an iamge generation api inside figma


Hi Minas-Marios,

thanks for the quick reply, understood. OK, we will see what we can do here :blush:

Hi, what made you choose over the others, could you give a brief comparison?