How to access font glyphs in a particular font set

I am unable to find the glyphs set in particular fonts in Figma.
I understand you can download glyph plugins, but they seem to be random glyphs not associated with the font, so the plugins are not what I am looking for.
For example, when using Adobe Illustrator and you have a font selected, you can go to the glyphs menu and access all the different associated glyphs to that particular font, this doesn’t seem to be a feature in Figma or something I can seem to find.
If someone could please let me know if this is possible?

Obviously I could outline the font in Illustrator and place it in Figma, but if the font needs to be a live element this isn’t useful.

Unfortunately, Figma doesn’t have such a panel and API, so I developed the Glyphs plugin, and therefore it displays all existing Unicode characters (regardless of the chosen font).