How do I enable DEV mode

My developer requested dev mode, I received an request and on screen accepted it and was told it would be $12. My developer still can’t see everything, the inspect panel is just gone. I can’t see what dev is even offering here?

I am assuming your team is on a Professional plan?
Go to admin view of your Figma Team, go to Members and check if your Developer is a member of your team and has full access in the “Design seat” column of the Member view table. Also, inside design files the Dev-Mode Slider in the upper right corner needs to be checked (it turns green when it is active). Also you could just press Shift + D.

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Hi, I’m on the Organizational Plan - do I need to now change plans too?
He is on full access in design.
Dev mode is on, and I can’t see anything even as the owner of the organization, other than my inspector is missing.

As far as I know, Organization plan offers dedicated Dev-Seats.
What you describe seems weird… Could you share a screensharing of being inside a design file, enabling Dev-Mode and clicking on an element to inspect?

As you can see the banner on the top wants me to get permissions for dev mode.

Interestingly if I create a new file i can see dev mode perfectly

This is with me holding onto the arrow (to try inspect)

Some more questions for you:
Does the file belong to a different team?
What are the settings under the “share” Button in the top right corner?

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Thanks! it will work for me

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This was the solution! It wasn’t in my organization’s team folder. Thanks so much for your help. :grinning:

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Great! Feel free to mark the post as the solution :slight_smile:

:+1: It’s worked

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I also gave approval to the Dev mode request, But now I wanna remove that, How can i do that?

If you’re the owner or admin of your Figma team, you can revoke the persons Design seat rights inside the Members tab.

Team > Admin Console (Settings icon next to your teams name in the left sidebar) > Members

If the Design seat is set to Full, the person has access to Dev-Mode. If it is set to Viewer or Viewer-restricted, access is disabled. Please keep in mind that this change does not affect the amount of seats you have inside your plan. You need to manage them seperately inside the Settings tab. Otherwise you’d still get billed for the (unused) seat.

This is a total chaos to me. I see only devs who asked to be upgraded, and it says

“Now that the Dev mode is out of beta it requires a paid seat 12€ / month…” If I accept then the user gets a full design seat for 15€ per month (what is more than 12 €). As far as I understood a dev seat is now a full-design seat and I need to not allow the dev to edit (only view) my files. Not very intuitiv I think, and it also costs more then promoted… :-1:


Agreed, there’s no reason to give editor access for devs :melting_face:


Is it still the case? Is there a mode that’s only Dev Mode, not Full Design seat?
Important not to give design seat to developers especially on crowded teams to prevent unintentional design overrides.


I think they are pushing Organization/Enterprise sales… they want the money… that’s why … Even if Adobe didn’t finish the Figma acquisition, they are becoming like them… sadly

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It’s super confusing. So it’s not possible to give only dev mode access?

What in the fuck! I can’t share my prototypes with devs without having to buy each one a developer seat? What sort of garbage did I leave XD for?

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