How can I resolve keyboard shortcut conflicts with other programs?

I have multiple Keyboard shortcuts I use all the time in Figma, but they conflict with other programs on my Mac. I don’t know how to resolve the conflicts.

For example to create a frame and add selected layers to it, I use the shortcut: “Command Shift g”. However, if my Google drive sync program is running, there is a conflict and the same shortcut launches Google drive sync instead of adding the Frame. I have to shut off google drive in order to be able to accomplish what I need to in Figma.

To show/hide the UI, I use "Command " – but this conflicts with 1Password’s “autofill” shortcut.

How can I fix this issue so that when I’m using Figma, I can use the shortcuts I’m used to without shutting down other programs?

I searched as many different permutations as I could to see if this issue has ever been raised but have not found anything on this topic yet.

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I’ve had the same issue with Google Drive.
Since it’s not possible to change shortcuts at Figma right now, your only hope is to change it at the other apps.
For example, Google Drive allows you to change that shortcut by going to Drive > Settings > Preferences > Settings > scroll down to Configure Hotkey and untick the Search box.

Thank you. I’ll try that.