How can I get rid of File Tab Icons?

Hey folks,

Yesterday my Figma Beta was updated, and it got icons in the file tabs on the top. To put it mildly, this doesn’t help at all. Since I work on the complex product, I have to keep open a lot of files at one time (project files, our design system files, etc). Previously I had visual clues on where any given file is located because I was able to read first letters of the file names. Now for some reason Figma took away this ability from me, and all I can see is a row of the same icon. I can’t imagine how it could be useful? I understand the idea to have a specific icon for prototype, it helps differentiate between open file and its prototype, but what value you’ve put into idea to add similar Figma icons to the file tab?

Putting aside an obvious advice to close all ‘unnecessary’ files (I don’t have any at the moment, I need them all, and keeping them all open improves my work speed enormously), what else I can do to get rid of this unhelpful new feature?
Thank you!

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I agree, this is the OPPOSITE of helpful. Please add a Setting for this at least.

We were actually using emojis to help sort files quicker (with many tabs open). I used to see a few letters at least, now I see an icon and “…”.

Tab icons are extremely unhelpful!


The latest version has added a file type icon on tabs which is a bit distracting, Is it possible to hide the file type icon on the tab?..


Hey All, this isn’t possible, but others have shared the same sentiment. Feel free to add your feedback and vote for this capability here: Can we add an option to hide the Figma/ Figjam favicon?

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