How can I add a gradient as variable in the new June 2023 update?

Before i can add create the gradients to use it as a tokens but after the new update I couldn’t m, there’s any way to do this?


I am pretty sure you cannot add gradients, it is only a single value in variables.

Hi, but my app primary branding color is a gradient. So it’s used a lot with different variations.

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Yes, then I believe you have to keep using Styles. I am not sure, why they have introduced a color variable and not just using a string variable that could be used to set the color in a style. So there is not two different ways of handling colors. But there is probably a good reason :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind feedback. And I hope figma add this soon.

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I would like to have this functionality ASAP - allowing color variables to be gradients.


Same here. We use gradients all the time in our designs. Not having them as part of the variable system isn’t good.


Yep we need gradients in variable too!