Hover Underline


I can’t seem to figure out the problem. I’m trying to animate an underline hover on the text. It seems to be working, but the when I hover on the text itself, 2 lines are forming. I only have 2 variants.

  1. Masked underline without the line showing.
  2. Line showing

Please help :frowning:


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Can you please explain how did the hover effect work? I tried to create a text underline hover effect but it didn’t work at all. I may be able to help you if it’s gona work with me.

Thankfully I found the Solution, Follow these steps:

  • add a text
  • make it a component
  • add a variant
  • make the variant underlined
  • add a Hover interaction, with “Change to” effect and set the target / property as the destination text (the underlined variant)
  • go to the Assets section and find that component
  • drag and drop it wherever you want
  • test it in the prototype section