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Horizontal Scroll issue

I am having issues with horizontal scroll, I have elements in a frame that is set to the width of the canvas and the other grouped items overflow off to the right hand side.

I have tried other scroll options such as vertical and horizontal & vertical, and these work fine. But my horizontal scroll just wont work.

Further up in my design, I have a horizontal scroll that works fine.

Attached are images of my layers and content.

Hi @Alex_Roby! Could you share a link to the file?

Sure, here’s a link to the file:

Working file

Thanks. I looked at your file and found the reason. Your images “recycled_polyester 1” and “aus_cotton 1” overlap the “Section 9” frame. For your prototype to work without major changes, you need to enable “Clip content” for the “Section 6 & 7” frame. Or remove masks from these images and choose “Crop” in Fill mode.

Thats awesome! Thanks, it works fine now. Knew it would be so simple to fix but just couldn’t see it.

Thanks for your help

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