Hook comments to specific frames

Right now the comments don’t move when the frame it is on moves.

I realize it is possible that it probably does… however because of how I organize screens into flows there is always a master frame that contains everything within that “flow” and the comments move with the base frame, and are not attached to the individual frames within it.

This is problematic for me, but is also in a lot of other cases when being used ‘correctly’.

  • When the comment is on a specific part of a frame, and the content of the frame shifts around. (example, there is a comment on the body copy at the top of the page, and also a bit lower down. Updating the copy on the top line, or adding/changing an image or something causes the content to shift, and now the lower comment isnt correct anymore.
  • Working with auto layout lists that have 10+ things in them, sometimes the comments are more or less “move this one up” or “move this one to the end” This gets confusing pretty quick since the comments arent actually connected to things, and once they start moving around, its kaput.
    There are other examples, but you get the idea.


Agreed. If you move an Object, the comment should be attached to the element (say middle of node) and not Only the Frame.

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