FigJam has the ability to create groups for content. Can we have that same functionality in Figma?

FigJam has the ability to create a frame around things and group them together. Zeplin also has a similar functionality in their flow tool.

Right now, in order to do that in figma, I have to create a frame around them, which isnt ideal for a lot of things. Having a bunch of screens and assets within a frame cause issues when trying to view prototypes, mirror to devices, and also when exporting the assets, as they are exported in a “frame name/asset name” configuration, where it takes on the name of the frame it sits in. (not ideal)

Mainly, I would like to be able to group my screens, flows, and assets together into smaller “flow sets” so that I can link directly to it and others can see it and use it to develop/give feedback, etc.

It might also be a nice thing to incorporate this, since Miro does a similar thing where you can group things together, and then when you share it via a specific link, the recipient can only see what is in that group, without having to see everything else on the page. This would help for development handoff, feedback, etc because it would just focus on the content in the section, rather than seeing just a ton of other content in the other frames/flows around it.


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