Help with subscription

Hi, I am having a similar issue with our account. There is no way to remove Annual Design Seats so it does seem like an intentional dark ux pattern on behalf of Figma. Hoping to hear back from support soon, but there is no customer service number, chat support or direct way of reaching someone about issues.

@Kim_Schulke Hi - first, sorry for any negative sentiment that has come from this. To avoid any confusion, I wanted to let you know I moved your post into it’s own new topic, since you had originally commented on a topic that was older (and required specific assistance).

Similar to that topic: if you’re having issues with removing your seats, modifying your subscription, etc., our support team is happy to help you via email. We can’t assist with these types of issues via the forum for privacy and security reasons.

It does look like you may have filed multiple support tickets regarding this yesterday. A support member is currently reviewing them, and will be getting in touch shortly. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I’m going to close out this topic – if there are any other members who see this post and are experiencing the same problem[s], please create a new topic.