Help with Relay

Hi guys
I’ve messed up with Relay
I accidentally creatd multiple times components into UI packages

Now it wont stop loading
What can I do?


Thank you for your post! You might want to try quitting and restarting the Figma app. If the problem persists, clearing your cache might help. Here’s a link on how to do that: Please ensure you don’t have any unsaved work before proceeding.

If your question pertains to a specific plugin, I recommend reaching out directly to the plugin’s creator.


I had the same issue.

Try this:

  • Create a new page in Figma
  • Create a new simple component on that page
  • Run the plug-in

If it works, move your design to the new page one component at a time and keep checking the plugin after each move.

In my case one the of the components was causing this issue and stopped the plugin from loading completely.