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Hand/move cursor won't go away

Lately I’ve noticed when I’m working, the hand cursor will get stuck; I will be trying to move an object but the hand cursor won’t go away. If I click a layer or a tool or anything in the ui, the cursor behaves normally again. It’s weird and seems like a bug. Figma 96.4 on MacOS 11.2.3


I have also been facing this issue. Usually I just click on the spacebar button to bring back the cursor back to default state. Possibly a bug

To replicate this bug: start by drawing a selection area on canvas, then hold down the space bar while continue drawing the selection, then press down the ⌘ key and then let go of the space bar while continue drawing the selection, now release the ⌘ key and you’ll be stuck with the hand :smiley: I do this for prank lol

This is happening to me CONSTANTLY and it’s getting really frustrating. Has there been a solution to this issue? I’m on an M1 Macbook Pro.


I have the same problem with the latest version of the Figma Desktop App on macOS Big Sur 11.4 (Intel Mac).

happens to me every 15 minutes, where annoying :confused:

Hey there, are you able to share a screen recording of this happening? Having a hard time reproducing it on my end.

Yup, I get the same issue. For some reason, it gets stuck in hand all the time. So I have to right click the canvas and then it goes back to normal. Interesting thing is that when it’s stuck in hand, the “hand” icon in the tool bar is not highlighted, but rather the “pointer / move” is.

Yes, happens to me too all the time. I personally have set up my middle mouse button to act as “pan” (which I find very easy, perhaps used to using Fusion 360 or Affinity Designer). But at times I also get stuck with a hand icon and nowhere to go (apart from the screen size). Extra bad is the fact that this seem to happen very often when I’m on a call with colleagues. Perhaps I’m panning around more hectic when I want to show my work? Anyway, it’s super annoying. I have to Cmd-Tab out of Figma, then Cmd-Tab back again and press “V” to be able to get back to the normal state. Running macOS Monterey 12.0.1 and current date of Figma build.

To reproduce, set your mouse middle button to “pan”. Then, press and hold that middle squeaky button and pan outside the app’s window and the back again. Then, release middle mouse button. Now you’re stuck with a Hand-icon and nowhere to go apart from within the app-window. (Edit: just tried to reproduce myself, and I had to wiggle my mouse a bit before it got stuck)