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Grids missing

I lost my grids on frames. I turn them on but cannot see them. Worked last week.
Some simple setting I accidentally turned on?

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I don’t know that this will help you any but I wanted to share a situation I had recently that this makes me think of it…

So I had a graphic component in a frame that wasn’t showing up right. It seemed really washed out for some reason and I didn’t know why. I kept looking for the source of the problem for about an hour and finally I found a place in the settings I think having to do with opacity. I remember it was about in the middle of the right hand column when the object was selected. It was in a section labeled “Layer”.

Screenshot_2021-05-23 Figma

This may not be the answer to your problem but it is the sort of stupid thing that can happen (I must have inadvertently changed it without realizing it).

Hope it helps.