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Font Style name export to JSON

Hi Figma developers!

It turns out that exporting Figma fonts in JSON format provides the result that looks smth like this:

                            "style": {
                                "fontFamily": "Quattrocento Sans",
                                "fontPostScriptName": "QuattrocentoSans-BoldItalic",
                                "fontSize": 72,
                                "fontWeight": 700,
                                "italic": true,
                                "letterSpacing": 0,
                                "lineHeightPercent": 100,
                                "lineHeightPx": 84.375,
                                "lineHeightUnit": "INTRINSIC_%",
                                "textAlignHorizontal": "CENTER",
                                "textAlignVertical": "CENTER"

for a page like this:

And we face the necessity to invent some special algorithms for knowing the actual style name (that is “Bold Italic” in the example)
from the provided “fontPostScriptName” field (that is “QuattrocentoSans-BoldItalic” in the example).

Is there any chance to add the real style name to the structure? It would be very much appreciated.