Font Manager support

I know this is a long time issue for many of us (here on spectrum in 2018 or twitter). Will Figma support font managers in the future ?


Is there anything particular required for this other than being able to reload the list of available fonts while the app is running? That alone would be excellent, not having to restart to get the fonts to show up. :smile: I’m not super familiar with Font Managers.

Maybe a separate feature request would be warranted, but what I would also love is the ability to filter available fonts in the fonts dropdown from Figma. For example, just “local only” would be great option already.

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Almost all my fonts (there are many) are installed on Fontbase (and not on the system) where I can organize, activate or deactivate them. A font manager helps you to see your collection, take car of conflicts and saves system resources.

As you say, not having to restart the app would also be great !

For example, just “local only” would be great option already.

In preferences you can deactivate “Show Google Fonts”. Is that what you wanted ?

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Ah yes. That’s it. Thanks. :smiley:

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Yup just emailed suitcase last week. Suitcase is our go to and annoying to have to restart. Starting to do more and more work in figma as opposed to Adobe, so font Extensis Suitcase management support would be great.


When working on logos, I usually install/activate fonts every 20 minutes. So this feature would be very helpful.

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this would be a huge life saver. difficult to be a designer constrained only to google fonts

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@Ben14, you can use local fonts, not only Google Fonts. All you need to do is install Figma Desktop App or, if you are using a browser, you need to install Figma Font Helper.
More details in this Help Center article:

Yeah sure, I use the desktop app already and it’s great. But the question was about font managers. Having to install all your font on the system is not the best solution.

For Fontbase on Windows, just found a solution on Reddit : Change the Root folder location to “C:/FontBase” from FontBase settings. It worked for me !

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