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Font Installation for individual Workspaces (Browser Support)

As freelancer I work with different clients and I would like to use custom fonts collaboratively with my clients. Currently, you have to download the Figma App, so you can use local fonts. That’s not ideal, since my clients and I work together in a workspace, but they can’t change any text, because they are using Figma in their browser. They would have to download the app too and install the custom fonts, which is not a great user experience. Depending on how many people are involved in a workspace, this would have to be repeated for multiple members across several workstations. Also, you’d have to get clearance from IT every time.

Now this is what I propose:
Ideally, you can install custom for example Google Fonts simply in the settings section of every workspace, so it’s synchronised across all members of the workspace. That’s it. Canva can do it, too. It’s totally doable, it improves the experience so much and it just makes sense!

This is already possible in Figma Organization plan. But yeah it would be nice to make it available for individual users too.

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I didn’t know that. But 45$ a month for that feature. I mean that’s crazy. That should be a feature on the professional plan. Then I’m sure a lot of freebie users (including me) would convert to a paid plan.


This has been a sore issue for me too, because I work on Chrome OS and I can’t use any font outside of the ones from Google Fonts that come with Figma. In some projects, our professional team just really needs to use a non-Google-Font font and it’s not possible for me at all. Enabling support for custom fonts at least at the professional tier is important for us.


Are only Google Fonts allowed in Figma?
I want to use the Graphik & Larsseit font. How do I use it?
Currently, the only similar work around for me is using the Inter Font.

Please help. Thanks