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Fixed background in prototyping

I have searched Google and found a lot of solution that didn’t work for me, so Im asking it again on this forum.

My problem: I have an image background that I want to give a fixed position when scrolling (Bottom layer).

What I tried;

  • Used the fixed postion checkbox. This does not work because it will make it a top layer.
  • Master frame with 2 frames inside. 1 with the content and 1 with the background. Content frame I gave an Overflow Behavior of Vertical scrolling. The master and background have a no scrolling overflow behavior. This does not work either for me. It gives an error icon next to the vertical scrolling option, but does not say why its an error.

Could anybody help me?

Does this help?


Hi Tim,

Yes this is what I want. However I cant see how it is made. Could you tell me? I cant open the edit and prototype tabs. So I don’t know what settings have been used.

Duplicate to your drafts and you will have your own copy.


oh, nevermind, figured out how to “duplicate to drafts”

weird location for that… (and it wont let me delete my comment, so im editing it)