Fix position no longer works; fixed element disappears in prototype view

Hello, since this update, fix position no longer works, and the fixed element disappears in prototype view mode. None of support agents have been able to provide a solution so far, this is an urgent problem that prevents me from presenting the prototype.

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Hey @Kashou,

We can see that you’re working with our support team member Clara on this issue. She replied about 4 minutes ago. The forums are primarily run by the community, and we’re not set up for immediate one-on-one support.

I have informed you here to show that the issue still has not been fixed as of today. The response from Clara did not provide a solution, as she recommended to resize the scrollable artboard to iPhone screen size in order to make fixed elements visible. This rather is a problem because developers can’t see the designs that are below the fold line, whereas they need to inspect them.

Normally, the prototype settings set to iPhone 14 should rule the anchor of the fixed element relative to bottom of screen size. However, Figma developers incorrectly implemented the fixed to bottom feature by requiring the design mode to rule that anchor. I believe that the anchor of a fixed element should be ruled by the prototype mode, not the design mode. The design mode is a mode where designers and developers need to inspect all scrollable designs, and this is why we can’t accept the resize artboard as a solution. This rather breaks our workflow.

Thanks for the context. This topic actually addresses that the Fix position when scrolling option checkbox was moved to the Prototype tab, not that it’s not working.

We’ll move your replies to its own topic. Clara and the rest of our technical quality team will continue to look into your issue and help you under the email thread of your open ticket.

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