Find and replace text not working

Hi there,

I’ve got a large document in which I need to find and replace a particular phrase. However, when I go to use to use the find and replace feature, it says the text has been replaced without updating the text.

I have to double-click on the text frame again or select and hit return for it to update.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something obvious? Better hitting return, it reads the text as though it’s been updated even though it shows the previous text.

See screenshots below:

  1. Finds text to be replaced

  2. “Replaces” text (note: Figma is not seeing the initial text input)

  3. Updated after double-clicking into the box or hitting return


I’m having the same problem right now. I realized that the replace feature is only changing the name of the layer to match what you put into the “replace” field, but it doesn’t change the text in the UI itself. So that’s why it doesn’t show up again in your search results. Sounds like a bug to me.


Yep! Experiencing this issue too right now. Definitely a bug.

Same here. Thanks Adobe

I have the same problem.

Any updates on this? Is there a way to get a Figma team member to look at this?

Same issue. Please fix this.

Same here.

I need to update a prototype with 20 pages with a text that needs changing around 4 times repeated in a page - quite annoying to find out now that it’s not working and I need to manually go update all these texts.

I find this weird because just few days a go find and replace worked fine. Was this after the Figma update that this started bugging…?

Has anyone from Figma replied?

So I just double-clicked on the text itself and it appears all texts have updated. Not sure if it’s a fix or not.

Having the same problem! So frustrating, as I have over 40 instances of this issue and will have to go through double clicking them all. Could be worse, I suppose. @Figma, this is a bug!

I submitted a bug. Encourage you all to too so we can get Figma on this!