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File won´t load anymore ☹️

I was working on a file, when I realized the offline button appeared. it was weird, as all my other files were opening just fine. I decided to close the file, but when I try to open it it takes forever to load, but never fully loads. I sent the link to some friends but it won’t load on their computers either. does anyone know how to fix this?

I have the same exact issue. File just stopped working suddenly. Tried to load it on multiple devices, all failed. Submitted a support ticket, hopefully, they can fix it.

Having the exact same issue as well.

I’m having the same issue as well. It is only happening with one of my files, but it won’t load on any browser or in the desktop app.

Same issue here

@support any update on when this might be resolved?


Give it a shot on the desktop app guys, mine just started working after like 20 tries

I have the same issue for both web version and desktop version. Other files are working fine, but the one I was working on before the server’ down can’t open anymore.

Hey everyone :wave:

Figma was down for some people but it should start being back up.
Can you please let us know if you’ve regained access to these files?

If this persists it would be great for you to report directly to or use the support tool that looks like this -:question:- and exists on the bottom right corner of the desktop and web app.

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Mine is working now. All good

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It’s back for me. Thanks!

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Mine works as well! Thank you!

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Working for me now

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This was due to a site degradation that has now been resolved: Figma Status - Site Degraded

My internet works perfectly, I can watch YouTube videos and check social media. I don’t want to panic but I can’t access my files ??

Even on the browser


Yeah same here, restarted etc, only getting an issue with Figma.


I think we need to suggest offline mode


Experiencing the same as well here!

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