Figma Support doesn't exist?

I’ve sent 3 emails to the Figma Support Team in the past 10 days, some of which are quite desperate. I haven’t gotten an answer yet, not even a confirmation that my email is received. Honestly, I’m starting to wonder if such team even exist. Truly a shame that this great software doesn’t have the support it needs. Also, I’m with a Pro plan, which I heard is supposed to have a priority when seeking support, compared to Free plan users, but still nothing. I’d love to hear your experience with this.

Yeah, with emails, I meant all kinds of requests, tickets and stuff that I’m supposed to reach out to them with, so I used this request form already.

Hey @Tsvetan_Tsvetkov - sorry for any delays you’ve dealt with.

It looks like someone on our support team reached out to you on Thursday (8/10) and then again today just recently (8/14). Can you check your spam folder to make sure the responses didn’t get diverted there?

If you still don’t see anything, let me know.

Thanks for the hasty response. Unfortunately, there’s still nothing in the inbox or the spam folder.

oooh I think I see what happened – it looks like you have 2 email addresses associated with your Figma account (a primary and a secondary), so the responses are going to the email noted as your primary.

Gonna follow up via PM to confirm this with you.

Ohh yes! Unfortunately, I don’t have access to [redacted] , as it doesn’t exist anymore. I’d like the emails to be sent to [redacted] . Thanks so much for the help.

No problem! I replied via DM, and this should have been sorted. Let me know if you still haven’t seen a response come through.

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