Figma Prototype Issue: Left nav doesn't update when switching between flows, causing confusion

Figma Prototype Issue: When navigating from Flow #1 to Flow #2 by clicking on the respective links on a frame of Flow #1, the left navigation menu does not update to reflect the change in flow (should go from #1 to #2 but still stay on #1 currently).
This could potentially cause confusion for users, as the navigation menu no longer accurately represents the current flow being viewed.
Already searched existing topics, didn’t find similar issue, please let me know if there are existing answers, thank you!

Hi, Yi_Li.

Is it possible for you to show a video or images regarding your issue?

Thank you for the quick reply and please check the attached video

Hi, Yi_Li.

That’s not a side-nav of your prototype, but a side-nav of Figma on their prototype-view page. If you close that, it will just have your prototype in full-page.

Flows are the starting part for each prototype, so you won’t have to locate each frame of all the prototypes you have per page. It’s a helpful feature if you have multiple presentations in 1 page. So, if you want to have a side-nav on your prototype, you will have to create a side-nav inside the frame.

For more info:

Got it, thank you for the explanation.
Could we consider addressing this as an enhancement in the future?
For example, when a user navigates to a page that marks the beginning of a flow, the side-navigation could automatically update to highlight the corresponding flow’s name.
This would help users maintain a clear understanding of their current location within these flows.

Hmmm. I don’t think flow works like that. It works like a starting part of each presentation.

So if you reload the prototype, it will automatically reload you to the Flow you set instead of reloading the same frame you are currently in.

Example is if you have 2 versions of Login flow that you are presenting, If you reload the presentation when you are currently in Flow 1, it will reload to Flow 1 start and it’s the same on Flow 2. Even if your journey on the flow is already too far, it would still reload it to the Flow 1 - Start.

What you’re saying is probably like an in house side-nav that detects frames and not the flow feature. You can try to share that idea and let’s see how the community reacts on it :smile:


I understand the example you provided. In the current setup, “if you reload the presentation while in Flow 1, it will always bring you back to the start of Flow 1, even if you’re already in Flow 2.”
I recognize that this behavior is based on the existing logic, but in my case, it would be more helpful for the user to be brought back to Flow 2 when they’re in the middle of that flow.

I understand your point about the feature being helpful when there are multiple presentations on a single page(image1).

However, in situations where flows have interconnected relationships, such as switching between starting points (image2) or transitioning from the end of one flow to the beginning of another (image3), it would be beneficial if the left navigation menu could dynamically update to reflect the current flow the user is in.
This would provide a better user experience by offering a more accurate representation of the user’s current position within the flows, regardless of where they started.

Please let me know if my explanation is clear and if this suggestion can be considered for a future enhancement.

A flow starting point is where the flow begins. Flow starting points are set on top-level frames.

I think you’re confused between a normal navigator and Flows.

Each flow is equal to 1 unique journey so when you came from Flow1 - Step 3 and did something, you didn’t go to Flow 2 - Step 1 but Flow 1 - Step 4—even if you navigated to the same Frame.