[Figma Plugin] Error when running it


I have an error in console when I run my plugin :

“Assertion failure: styleIDs.size() == paths.size() && “Creating geometry with mismatched properties”” in MultiplayerGeometry (FGMultiplayerMessages.cpp)

I am using React with package : “@figma/plugin-typings@^1.24.0”

And I used https://github.com/nirsky/figma-plugin-react-template to create my project.

Thank you for your help !

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Looks like you are passing the wrong number of style IDs when trying to create a geometry. If you enable Developer VM and are not bundling the code (or have sourcemaps) you should be able to see in the error details where in your code the issue is

Hi, I have the same error msg in some cases when I duplicate something where is a stroke icon and parent element has shadow effect without “Show behind transparent area” checked.

If it is fill icon or checked “Show behind transparent area”, it is OK…