Figma in Chrome browser on iPad

Hi Figma Friends!

I was typing a really long set of notes that took a lot of effort to get on the page in my ideation page in my Figma file. I had my cursor still in the text box when I used the app switcher gesture to go to my original pictures of napkin drawings for reference. When I came back, my work was gone. Command Z, Undo, nothing I could do would bring it back.

Anyone else? Any advice?

Suppose this is pretty in-the-weeds as far as topics go, but it’s going to catch me up as I try to work while traveling.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Sorry to hear about the work you lost.

Officially Figma on iPad is not supported, so you may not get much advice from others here. As an iPad user myself, there could be a lot of factors that caused that. For example, perhaps you actually cut the text so doing a paste could’ve recovered it.

If this had happened to me I would try to go back to the version history of the file to see if perhaps some of your text got auto-saved in the background. Maybe you can do a partial recovery.