Figma Embed integration with Azure DevOps

Our org is using Azure DevOps for ticketing, pipelines, allTheThings, etc.

You can place a link to a figma file, but you cannot embed rich Figma frames into tickets.

This would dominate…as work tickets are used as the source of truth for developers, product, and so on - and having the real up-to-date design asset embedded into the ticket (like Jira) would be of infinite value.

Many thanks!



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any news, updates on this?

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This would be very handy indeed, however i don’t think VSTS supports embedding code? It would probably need to be a plugin of some kind i guess?

Make sure you also upvote this feature request for Azure DevOps


+1 :pray:

+1 please, would be great to be on par with GitLab

@Figma_Support this will be great to have, our org also uses Azure DevOps for tracking all things product/eng/design/etc. Similar to what we can do in Jira, embed Figma into it, would be great to allow the integration to Azure DevOps. This is 100% coming from a designer, knowing that this workflow will greatly improve our collaboration across the board. Could you let us know if this is considered for 22’? Thank you.

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@Figma_Support It would also be great to be able to create Azure DevOps Tickets directly out of comments. As there is no history in solved comments we somehow need to track them elsewhere, preferably where we track all the other tasks > Azure DevOps.


This would be decisive factor for us