Feature Request: Flow starting points visible in View Only

Currently, users who have View Only access to a Figma document, and view Figma document in the Editor, can not see Flow starting points. This is an issue because View Only access users are unable to see what “prototypes” or Flow starting points exist in any page.

I’d like to suggest that View Only access show Flow starting points and the Flow connections, i.e. users should be able to see what prototypes exist AND start a flow.

Incorrect, if you have View Only access you do not have access to the “Prototype” tab in right hand side. If you have edit you can view Design, Prototype, Inspect. If you have View access only, you can only see: Comment, Inspect, Export.

To replicate:

  1. Crate a Figma Document
  2. Create a Page with multiple artboarts
  3. Create flow, link artboards.
  4. Invite a separate account that only has View access
  5. Access prototype from account that has only view access
  6. Click on name to select “Open in Editor”.
  7. In Editor view, note that you can not see Flow links, nor Flow starting points. On the right hand side you can only see: Comment, Inspect, Export.

I found a SOLUTION and CAUSE of Issue.

By Default, if a user has View Access Only, Flow starting point indicators (the blue label next to the artboard) AND Flow connections are hidden.

UPDATE to my Feature Request, is I’d like to request to have the default for Flow starting points AND Flow connections to be visible for View Access only users in the Editor View.

Expecting View Access only users to know that they have click outside of any artboard AND know that they have to look for "Flows’ on the right-hand side (the Flow tab is not available for View Access only users) and click on the “Eye” icon to enable the visibility of Flow starting points and connections is not the best UX for users not familiar with Figma. I’m experiencing this with Product managers and Developers.

Thank you in advance!

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