Feature Request / Admin: Customizable Form for Upgrade Requests

As an admin, I would like to be able to customize the Upgrade Request form.

Currently, the form to enter a reason for the upgrade request is an optional textbox. How can I make giving a reason required? What if I could add language and/or a link so users can view upgrade requirements? (i.e., who’s eligble) What if I could add and/or make the textbox into a checklist? (for job titles, need to access certain features such as file sharing, etc.) What if we’d want the system to auto-decline requests for certain requests based on the answers given?

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Yes! For my company’s workflows, my dream would be to customize the message of the Upgrade Request modal, and customize the link in which the “Request Upgrade” link routes to. We handle upgrade and license management through a Jira ticketing workflow. Bonus points if the message had basic rich text (bold, italics, lists, hyperlink) or markdown editing.


Hey everyone! Thanks for your detail feedback.
This is an interesting idea! We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration :slight_smile:

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