Exporting Without Folder Creation

Is there a way in export settings to not create a destination folder when exporting frames or images? Please help!


If you export more than 2 layers, Figma will always put them into a folder. If you export layers one by one, then Figma will not create any folders.

A colleague has the same issue. I only have the issue with her files. When I export multiple frames at once, it just exports to where ever i told it to export to. If anyone knows how to disable the export into a NEW folder, Iā€™d be so glad because it really annoys me

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I just had the same happening to me, and I discovered that if I removed the ā€œ/ā€ my colleague used in the frame name, the problem would go away.


This worked! What a dumb bug lol.

I found a work around when working with batch exports (i.e. icon sets).

Select all which need an export and run the https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1183975085577339184 plugin

It will make a zip which opens without nesting.

Hope it is helpful!

It happened here to me too. And it really happens because of the ā€œ/ā€ character used to name the frame. Just rename it by removing the ā€œ/ā€ that exports without the folder.

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