Exporting frames as pdfs - show up white in indesign/illustrator


Having a bit of an issue exporting slides as pdfs.

I’ve set up a 60 odd page presentation on Figma, which I need to export and place into indesign as a pdf presentation.

When I export the pages they look fine on the finder, but when placed into indesign they seem to end up as a white box? When I upload into illustrator I can unclip the mask and it appears, but obviously you can’t do that in indesign.

I’m assuming it’s how I’ve set the slides up in Figma rather than a CC problem?

Please help! Would reaally like to avoid having to edit them all individually in illustrator lol.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hey @Chloe_Keppie! Wondering if the plugin mentioned in this topic would help bridge the problem from export > import in InDesign: Adobe Exchange

It’s on the file level, but would it work for you to import your Figma file directly into InDesign and finish your work there?