Exported Logo from Figma won't show in Illustrator


I’m relatively new to Figma and I’m currently trying to export graphics from Figma to Adobe Illustrator. When I try to open the svg file in Illustrator, all the graphics are gone. Not even in Layers to be seen. But I can see the graphics in Finder Preview. ( Mac Sonoma 14.1 and Illustrator 2024).

I tried everything from restarting my computer to unticking and ticking ,Ignore overlapping layers’’ and ,include id attribute’’ in every possible combination. The option with the outline doesn’t show anymore. Only those two. PLEASE HELP.

Hello @Aubrey_Sabayle, Thank you for bringing up the issue with exported SVG files in Illustrator! I understand how difficult to figure out this kind of issue, but we believe our community can work through this challenge together.

While I wish I could offer more assistance, I couldn’t locate any relevant resources internally so far.
However, I discovered that other community members have encountered similar challenges and have discussed troubleshooting steps here: Opening FIGMA SVGs in Illustrator
Feel free to check it out and leave a comment if you’d like!

I hope this information proves helpful! Additionally, we would greatly appreciate insights or suggestions from other community members on this matter. Together, we can work towards finding a solution!