Opening FIGMA SVGs in Illustrator

I’m new to Figma, but not Illustrator. So I need to do some work on some Figma files - saved them out as SVGs but when I open them in Illustrator ALL the fonts are converted to outlines and some graphics are missing, not to mention some masks are, shall we say, defective. Any workarounds or solutions? Thanks!

Hi, Scott.

When exporting SVGs, make sure to remove the outline text on the export settings popup.

Can you explain more about some graphics missing? Furthermore, masks should work properly now since they already fixed that bug before. You can freely copy paste svg’s with or without mask from Figma to illustrator without problems.
copied from Figma

pasted in illustrator

Hi Raphael - that didn’t work (but thanks.) Here’s the error message I am receiving:

Opening the SVG in Illustrator -
“Clipping will be lost on roundtrip to Tiny”

and then:

Text is all outlines, still.

Not entirely sure about this. It might because of the font installed.

I checked it on my end, I exported an svg with Inter font.

It seems to work fine on me though.

I tried it using variable font axes, it didn’t work but i dont get an error.

Did you install Inter from the official site?

If your shapes are “empty” when opening svg in Illustrator make sure Color profile is set to sRGB. For whatever reason Display P3 colors don’t show in Illustrator and you have to re-assign profile/color #'s in there.