Export Figma design to Bootstrap 5 CSS and HTML


I am trying to find a solution to export a Figma design to Bootstrap 5 CSS and HTML. I tried several plugins but none of them generate responsive HTML using Bootstrap 5 classes.

Sample HTML that I would like to see:

Plugins that I tried:

  1. Anima
  2. AutoHTML
  3. Builder.io
  4. Codia-AI Figma to code
  5. Dualite - Figma to code
  6. Figma to Bootstrap 5 Plugin
  7. Figma to Code
  8. TeleportHQ - Figma to code

Is there a solution besides doing it manually? Happy to pay for a professional plugin that can do this correctly.


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I am also facing the same problem.

Is there a reliable plugin to convert Figma design to Bootstrap?

Or at least whats the better one available in the lot?