Elements in component don't scale

So I’ve made some components with multiple items and when I try and size the component up or down, all the elements don’t scale with the frame of the component.

In the video:
Example on the left - I’m using auto-layout but haven’t dialed it in (just to test)
Example on the right - no auto-layout (some elements scale and some don’t?)

NEVERMIND, I found the ‘scale’ tool. I’m still curious why in example on the right some of the elements did scale with the “frame” or whatever you’d call that BUT I did technically find the solution to my question.

For auto layout, you have to set width and height to fill for it to scale in both ways.

For the non-auto layout, you have to set the constraints to scale, or left and right and top and bottom for it to scale in both ways.

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Thanks for your reply

I do want to ask, why are some elements scaling and some are not. I do have the settings you mentioned in place for the autolayout example.

You’ll have to check the nested layers to if they are also in scale. Because there are times that you’re just scaling the container of the element and have the element in fixed.