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Drop shadow shown incorrectly

Hi @Gleb,

I have a button that I created with a drop shadow and then made a component. Now I see a white square cutting into my dropshadow. Once I made the button a component, this happened. I’m not sure if the .png loaded for you to see. I took off the shadow, make sure clipped content was checked and added the shadow. again. When I did this before, the white box didn’t show up right away. Do I need to build the button a different way before making it a component? Thanks, Susan

Your image didn’t load. There is no difference technically between a component and a frame so you don’t need to do anything special before it’s a component. Also is this related to the spread shadow property? I don’t see any connection with what was discussed in this topic previously.

@Gleb I was looking up about drop shadow and came across this thread and thought it was related to my question. I’ll start a new topic and see if I can get my image to load.

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