Drag feature doesn't work on both directions

I expect to have two drag interactions which go to the left and right for a carousel. Unfortunately, only one direction works (to the right side). Is it a bug? Or how can I fix it?


Having the same issue too, was thinking it was something to do with the way I set things up

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@Zoe_Nguyen @Solowalker_Freeman

Yea It’s on Figma unfortunately and I remember there is a Vote for it.

However, there is a workaround to achieve some smooth prototype.

Choose on drag / Set animation on Slide in / Choose 1 drag action to slide form right and 1 drag to slide left / set smart animate matching layers.

Super important: Set the name of similar layers, The same if you want this to work.

I hope this helps

I have attached a screenshot too


Thank you! I didn’t understand this: " Super important: Set the name of similar layers, The same if you want this to work.", but it worked out for me anyway.

I hate Figma wasted my time on trying to make its half-baked functionality work (and, probably, your time too!). So, thanks a lot again!



I find that - even though its supposed to be able to - Figma can’t accurately discern between a left and right drag action when two are applied to the same carousel card.

So instead of selecting the entire carousel variant and trying to add multiple drag actions for the return drag to each one - select the actual carousel card (from inside the variant) for each step of the carousel.
Then you can sort of trick it into not duplicating the same drag action for each variant, because one of them sits on the individual card within the variant…


This worked for me, thank you!!

I found a trick to make this possible. I wanted the slider to move on both sides when you drag. So I duplicated the slider handle and grouped a transparent rectangle to each sides and smart animated it. Now it works like a charm. Let me know if this helps.


It’s works for me!

This worked. I was trying for a few minutes before I Googled it. Thanks!

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Jamie you’re a wizard

Hey sorry I did not understand “select the actual carousel card (from inside the variant)”…could you please explain?